How to create the perfect sexual Ad!

Hi girls,
How many times has your ad received very few visits… or not even one? Would you like to increase the number of visitors and gain much more calls?
Follow these simple suggestions and you will obtain an unexpected triumph!!


  • Do not repeat the same ad, Google hates duplicate content and discards it.
  • In the text do not repeat the words, write a complete and meaningful text instead of a list of words, cities or links.


  • First rule: Who is reading your ad?  Men
  • Second rule: What do men want to get from a call girl? Excitement and pleasure
  • Third rule: What are they expecting from you? A reason to contact you and not other girl. Whether it is your exoticness, your kinks, your body or personality

So… let’s start with these points. Let’s do your ad together!


Who you are and your best skill or the best part of your body.

Publishing just your name, you will be attractive like a piece of wood;  guys surely will passto the following ad…. Stop them, fuck! They should have choose you, not another girl!

So don’t publish something like

Jennifer 21 years old…..  It’s wrong!

Is better publishing something like this…..:

Sonya, hot and soft hands for your best happy ending ever received!


Gorgeous and Explosive Jenny – Big Boobs and wonderful rounded ass


A simple listing of the things you do will looks like the shopping list at grocery shop; do you really think than a shopping list it’s exciting? Of course not.
So…. start telling a story, a story about you, about your hot body, about what you can do on him, how you can made him excited.
Speack about your skills, with soft but sexy words, capture his attention on the amazing experience he can live if you both decide to encounter you privately…. be exaustive, because men like read spicy things and they likes imagine what they can do when they will be there with you….. Don’t be cold! The cold kills excitement! You know that!

Do you wanna an example?

If you want gain success, you have to spend a little bit of your time on your ads….when you will find your style… will be all easyer and faster

Hi Nice,
Do you want to be my lover? Do you want know me? I’m Lea, a beautiful indian girl who lives in Delhi.
Come to met me and you will discover my perfect body, my curves, my soft and perfumed skin. As an explorer, you can find the pleasure you want looking into my soft body, touching, licking, smelling all my hidden parts….
I will start touching you, bringing you with me in an never explored heaven and i’ll get you reaching the best and strongest orgasm never tried before…..
Fill me… with your passion and love…..
I’m recently graduated at “university of love” in blowjobs , handjobs, deep troathing….. You can ride me like a stallion, on all positions you want…. the impossible for me simply doesen’t exist.

Call me now, don’t waste your time with cold women who do not take the art of sex and pleasure seriously… you deserve me…. i will promise you will forget all distress and bad thing you have accumulated before….

I’m waiting for your call….. naked and hot in my bed…. just for you

Are you excited too, isn’t it? I’m good , i know! Imagine how many calls you can receive with this type of ad, rather than a very short text written with no warmth…..


You have 6 (12 in Premium) pics in your photogallery….. take advantage!! Publish photo of your body, of your details, hiding the worst parts, show tits, ass, lips and full body…… let your visitors let’s getting excited looking at you pics…..

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